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June 26, 2022 / Back to top

Spot the info you need faster.

Spot pages have changed. 

We’ve reorganized spot pages to help you find exactly what you’re looking for more easily.  

Is now the right window for a surf? Check the Live tab and view real-time conditions. Want to plan a session for later in the week? See the Forecast tab to pick the best day. All the surf info you’re looking for—like our expert swell analyses, wave height, wind, tide, and water temp—is still right where you need it. 

June 26, 2022 / Back to top

Keep it real in real-time.

Live cams from a new perspective.  

No need to drive to the beach—get a real-time window into live conditions with our new cam player. With multi-angle views, our live cams show you exactly how conditions look from different perspectives.  

June 26, 2022 / Back to top

It’s the little things.

Surf ratings every hour, at every spot.   

If you’re like us and obsessively check the cams each hour, you probably notice that conditions change rapidly.

We’re excited to roll out more detailed ratings which assess conditions every hour, at every spot, taking into account swell, wind, and intricacies of that particular spot. We apply a machine learning algorithm that uses years of Surfline data to indicate surf quality at that spot (and for that hour). 

Use the bar at the top of the report to determine what conditions will look like within the next few hours, so you can more easily pick the right window to “take your lunch break,” “water your neighbor’s plants,” or whatever other excuse you tell your boss when you go surf.  

June 26, 2022 / Back to top

New look, even better Surfline.

A fresh take on our ratings scale.

Introducing an evolved ratings scale, designed to allow for more precise conditions assessments. With ten different ratings options, our previous scale was too broad, making it difficult to really know what conditions were like. Our new scale offers seven ratings, so you can confidently decide whether it’s worth a surf. To spice things up, we’ve also given our ratings updated colors, because who doesn’t love a refresh?   

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