New Zealand, meet Surfline.

With a shared goal of helping you find better waves, the Surf2Surf family has joined up with Surfline, the world’s premier surf forecasting website. You can now find everything you were looking for on Surf2Surf (and more) right here on Surfline.

New Zealand’s new home for all things surf.

Surfline offers the largest network of surf cams in New Zealand, long range forecasts and expert analyses, and a whole load of exciting features, all brought to you by the same Surf2Surf team you know and love.

Access the world's largest network of surf cams, with 20+ right here in New Zealand.

View wave height, wind, weather, water temperature, and tide.

Get expert forecast analysis to plan your next adventure.

Play back your sessions and watch all of your best waves (and wipeouts).

Give Surfline Premium a go—we’ll shout you the first 15 days.

 Yearly subscription $6.50/month

Billed $78.00 once a year. Cancel anytime.

*Month-to-month subscription plan also available

Take a closer look at everything Surfline has to offer.


See it in real-time.

Get a real-time window into surf conditions with live surf cams at more than 20 spots across New Zealand.


Plan ahead.

View 16-day surf forecasts and analyses from Surfline and Surf2Surf’s in-house team of experts.


Stay in the know.

Check up on wave height, wind, weather, water temperature, and tide.


Play it back.

Check Cam Rewind to watch your waves, prove your mate burned you, or see that epic whale breach again. If you have a compatible watch, you can log Surfline Sessions to get clips and analytics sent straight to your phone. 

Not ready for Surfline Premium? Create a free account.

A free Surfline account gets you three Surf Checks per week, allowing you to view cams, see forecasts, and more.

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